To apply for a NYU FCU loan, you must be a member and have a share account.  If you're not yet a member, check your eligibility and join us today.

Loan Application Fee- $25


We offer a variety of personal loans that you can use for going on your dream vacation, holiday shopping or any other discretionary purchases.

60-month maximum term. Loan amounts: $500 - $10,000. Loan Application Fee -$25

Eligible for a 0.25% interest rate reduction with Auto Payment- must complete Modification of Interest Rate form


Consolidating your debts means to transfer some or all of your debts that are at a higher interest rate into one loan payment that charges you a lower interest rate than the one you are currently paying.

You may apply up to $45,000 given qualifying credit history, credit score and income. This will be an installment loan for 12-60 months, with a rate of 9.5%-17.5% depending on the term, with a fixed monthly payment. 

For any loan over $10,000 a credit score over 740 is required. Our general requirement is a credit score of at least 620, good standing credit history and debt to income below 45%.

Loan application fee $25 

10% of loan balance is frozen in share account on all unsecured consumer loans

Eligible for a 0.25% interest rate reduction with Auto Payment- must complete Modification of Interest Rate form


PROMOTION - May 1st - May 30th - No Application Fee - 7% Fixed Rate - No Payment Due for 60 Days

Maximum amount is $3000. Maximum Term 12 months. The Application fee is $25.00  

Eligible for a 0.25% interest rate reduction with Auto Payment- must complete Modification of Interest Rate form


Have a problem keeping the money you saved in an account, while new expenses keep popping up? Why not take a loan against your share account balance at the credit union? We will lend you 95% of your collected share balance for 3% over our current dividend rate (.050%). You can choose a 36 month payback for one flat rate, or a payback of up to 144 months with a quarterly review. 


This loan is to help you to rebuild your credit report and establish emergency savings. 
The maximum loan amount is $1000, Min - $500. Max term is 12 months.
For example, if you qualify for $1000 loan, the entire amount is deposited into your savings account. As payments are made, you would gradually gain access to the savings account.


Sometimes life happens, and the NYU FCU is here to help. If you find yourself in an unexpected emergency situation or expense, apply for this emergency loan to help you get back on track.

  • Rate- 16%

  • Term- 12 month

  • Application Fee- $25

Must be NYU employee for more than 2 years, a member for at least 6 months, must have a checking account with a payroll deduction or direct deposit at the NYUFCU and no other loans at the NYUFCU. Must list supervisor contact information on Reference Form. Credit score not less than 550. To apply select Personal Loan, and type Life Happens in purpose.


If you face any unexpected expenses, need extra cash or are short on funds between paydays, a Quick Cash Loan can help. This loan is for emergencies. 

To apply, click the Apply button. On the loan selection screen, select Personal Loan, and in the purpose indicate "Quick Cash." No pledge required.  

  • $250-$500 loan amount

  • $25 loan fee

  • 0% interest rate

  • No minimum credit score required, however credit report will be pulled to verify affordability of the loan.

  • Maximum term- 4 months

  • Maximum of two Quick Cash loans per 12 month period. Previous loan must be paid off prior to any future applications. If any Quick Cash loan becomes more than 29 days delinquent, the borrower will not eligible to apply for Quick Cash loans in the future.

  • Must be employed with current employer for at least 2 years; you will be required to present copies of your two (2) most recent pay-stubs and W-2 for the last 2 years as proof of employment.

  • Must provide two references- one must be a direct supervisor.

  • Loans granted to individual borrowers only.

  • Quick Cash loan will not be approved if the monthly payment exceeds 20% of the member’s net pay for a given pay period.

  • Monthly or weekly automatic payments available. Payroll deduction will be required to be set up for payment.