Vacation Sensation


Money flows more freely when we’re away from the daily grind. Teach your kids how to vacation while still being in control of spending. 

This month’s goal: Show kids typical wallet-draining vacation costs and how to avoid them. 

Pointers to cover: 

  • Costs of snacks and drinks on the road vs. snacks and drinks brought from home.
  • The lure and the lie of “I can only do this here and now” thinking while on vacation.
  • Exorbitantly overpriced souvenirs.
  • How having an amazing time does not have to mean spending lots of money.

Conversation starters 

For kids under age 9: 

  • Why do you think people save up all year to go on vacation?
  • Is it more fun to purchase snacks and drinks at a rest stop than to bring them from home? Is it worth the price? Would you rather spend that money on chips and soda or on doing something fun?
  • If you could choose what to spend the most money on while on vacation, what would you choose? (i.e. eating out, amusement parks, souvenirs, hotel stay, etc.)

For kids over age 9: 

  • How much money do you think a typical day on vacation costs us?
  • Are souvenirs ever worth it?
  • What kind of attractions does it make sense to spend money on while on vacation?
  • Can you think of ways a family can stick to their budget while on vacation?