How can I sign up for online banking?

  1. Click on “Online Banking:

  2. Click on “Enroll”

  3. Enter Your Member Number

  4. Enter your PIN (last four digits of SSN or “N” number for international students)

  5. Create a new logon ID

  6. Create a password (must be 8 characters long and contain at least 2 numbers and 2 letters.)

How do I sign up for e-statements?

  1. Login to our online banking

  2. Click on “Self Service”

  3. Click on “eStatement”

  4. A window will pop-up with terms and disclosures. Read through these and click “Accept”. If this window does not pop-up, turn off/disable your pop-up blocker and try again.

What is my account number?

Your savings account number is a 7 digit number that is also called your Member Number. It can be found on top of your statements.

Your checking account number is a 14 digit number. It has a preface of 140400, followed by your member number and a draft digit. This number can be found on the bottom of your check book, or you can call us to obtain this number. 

How can I change my address?

You can change your address in person at the branch, online by sending us a secure message through your online banking or by sending in a signed and dated change of address form that can be downloaded here.

How can I have part of my paycheck come to my credit union account?

  • If you work for NYU and are paid through Washington Square, please complete the payroll deduction or direct deposit using PeopleSync.

  • If you work for the medical center, payroll deductions are changed through your “my e-connect”

  • If you are not an NYU employee, you will just need to provide your employer with your routing number (226082129) and your account number.

How can I join the credit union?

Please click here for detailed instructions.

How can I apply for a loan?

You need to become a member before you can apply for a loan. Once you are a member of the credit union, you can apply for a loan through your online banking by clicking on “Self Service” and then “Apply for a Loan”. We then require some further documentation. The list of documentation can be found here.

What is my routing number?


Why is my available balance $0, when there is $50 in my account?

The minimum balance requirement for all members is $50. This $50 is frozen in the account and only accessible if you choose to close the account.

How can I make deposits?

You can deposit checks the following ways:

  • In person at the branch

  • In the mail. Make sure the check is endorsed on the back and that your name and account you wish the check to be deposited in is clearly stated

You can deposit cash the following ways:

  • In person at the branch

  • At one of the deposit taking ATMs. To find out the closest one to you, click here.

You can wire money to your account. Be sure to give the person sending the money your routing number, account number, account name and the address of the NYU FCU

Where are you located?

726 Broadway, Suite 110, New York NY 10003. We are on the ground floor and located between Waverly Place and Washington Place.

Who can become a member of the NYU Federal Credit Union?

  • An employee, faculty, staff or student at NYU

  • Alumni or retired employee of NYU

  • Immediate family of a NYU FCU member (including spouse, parents, children, stepchildren, grandchildren, step grandchildren, grandparents, step brothers, brothers, step sisters, and sisters)

  • An individual who resides in and shares financial responsibility of a household with a NYU FCU member.

  • ... then NYU FCU membership is open to you.

How do I do a withdrawal?

You can do a withdrawal several ways: 

  • At an ATM using your NYU FCU ATM or Debit Card

  • By check using the Audio Teller feature

  • In the branch

If you are doing a large withdrawal in cash (over $1000) we require prior notice.