Check your mailbox every day and you’re sure to see… there are thousands of credit cards available from just about every imaginable source. Some offer gimmicks, some offer rebates, some you can hardly understand just what they are offering.

Beware-these tricks always come at a cost, and it will probably be right out of your pocket! Rest assured…you don’t have to learn the hard way- no matter what your needs, a credit union MasterCard Credit Card will save you money! In fact, the right credit card can save you hundreds of dollars every year. And, saving money is something everyone can agree on. That’s why our credit card is perfect for you. We offer low rates, no hidden fees or charges, and the convenience services that put us ahead of the crowd.

Our Credit Cards Will Save You Money!

Any Credit Card Applicants are required to have a membership at NYU Credit Union. To apply, please click here. The loan application fee on all Credit Card Applications is $25. Waived for applications with credit card balance transfers.


NYUFCU Classic Credit Card features a 11.9% Annual Percentage Rate and no annual fee. Plus, you will enjoy a 25-day grace period on purchases and the convenience of worldwide acceptance. Max limit is $10,000.00


The rate on our Gold Credit Card is 6.90% for the first 6 months and 8.9% fixed rate after 6 months introductory rate and no annual fee. Max limit is $15,000.Promotional limit of up to $50,000.00 with balance transfer. Credit restrictions and income restrictions apply.

Exclusively for Gold Card holders: Score Card Reward



If you have no credit history or have been denied for a credit card before, the Secured Credit Card is for you.

The Secured Credit Card is just like the Classic Credit card, except we require a 125% pledge in the savings account for the duration that the credit card is open. You would pay the credit card monthly and if you were to default the funds would be taken from the pledge of 125% of the credit limit to pay off the credit card. The activity on the Secured Credit Card reports to all three credit agencies and is ideal for helping a new graduate or immigrant or simply anyone who doesn't have great credit already build up their credit history.

The application process can be completed online here. A NYU FCU share account is required.

Along with all of the necessary documents for a credit card as found here, you need to sign Pledge of shares agreement. The deposit of the collateral pledge of 125% of the line of credit must be made.

The minimum credit limit is $500 on the Secured Credit Card.


If your account has been opened for two years and you are in good standing, you can apply for a limit increase or upgrade your Classic account to a Gold Account. 
Please complete the form here or below.


Students over the age of 21 with credit history and income may apply for an NYU FCU credit card.

Students under the age of 21 with no income and/or credit history may apply for an NYU FCU credit card with a creditworthy co-signer with positive income.

Students over 21, with no credit history but with positive income may apply for a secured credit card. 125% of the desired credit limit must be pledged into the Share account while credit history is established. After one year, students may apply for an unsecured card and their pledge will be released upon application approval.


Transfer all of your high interest credit card balances onto the NYU FCU Credit Card.

We are currently having a promotion giving qualifying credit history, credit score and income on our Gold Credit Cards, in which we are allowing balance transfers up to $50,000. The rate we offer for balance transfers is the same as that on purchases. It is 6.9% for the first six month and 8.9% going forward. Your permanent credit limit will be up to $15,000.

As part of this promotion we are waiving the application fee for our Gold Credit Cards with the completion of the balance transfer form.

Please complete the form here and submit it with your credit card application. If you are an existing Credit Card holder, you can always complete the form and submit it to the NYU FCU as long as your account is in good standing.

For any loan over $10,000 a credit score over 740 is required. Our general requirement is a credit score of at least 620, good standing credit history and debt to income below 45%.

Credit Card Balance Transfer Form